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My heart in your hands……!!!


So many roads I’ve traveled
That brought me here to you
A winding path that led me
To arms so warm and true

You hold me like no other
I feel so filled with peace
My heart is filled with rapture
My soul feels such release

Forever you are captured
Within this love we share
Together we know happiness
Our love beyond compare

No road I ever traveled
Has brought so much to me
Journey that will always be
Love’s sweetest destiny

Cleave to me in spirit
While on the roads you roam
Your spirit lives within me
Your heart is now my home

Valentine lovers …..!!!

Be My Valentine

Be my Valentine, my love,
As I will be for you,
And we will love the whole day long,
And love our whole lives through.

For love has no parameters
And does not end with time,
But is the gift of paradise,
A pinch of the sublime.

So let us take this holiday
To resubmit our love
To those within that know no sin
And with the angels move.

Lonely without you

I sit alone feeling so empty and lonely,
i think of you often,
every minute of the day
wondering how you are
what your doing
wishing i could hold you in ma arms
and make everything b OK

I sit remembering all the times we’ve shared
the late nite talks that we use 2 have
wishing that it could be the way it use 2
i wish i could turn back time to the first time you told me you loved me,
the feeling that i had is indescribable
u mean so much 2 me that it hurts,
i dream of all that will be,
and crying a tear for every minute
we are apart

At times i tell myself i am strong
and the times that im not with you
will go by and it will be the way it use 2
yet at others i sit and cry and wonder
why love has 2 hurt so much

Through somewhere
in the loneliness
somewhere in the emptiness,
i find ma self feeling very loved
and i realize it not the loving that hurts so much
its being without you

While I’m thinking of you

While I’m thinking of you
My desires are set free
As I slip into a daydream
I see a ship in the sea

It’s sailing towards me
As it travels across the sea
It has a special mission
To bring you to me

When this ship arrives
And you come to my door
I’ll make you feel so good
You’ll never want to go

When you’re away
My desires get the best of me
Wishing you were here
How wonderful that would be

I cannot Live without You

I know if you could hear me you would
Say there are always two sides of a story
You’re so right, here’s mine
I cannot live without you

Love was never easy,
But leaving you was hard,
And time didn’t heal my wounds at all
I wonder, if you know what I’m going through

All the lonely times that we’re apart

I miss you, oh I miss you
I’m gonna need you more and more each day
I miss you, more than words can say
More than words can ever say

Saying sorry was a question of my pride
Pride can push aside a loving heart,
In the end emotion has ruled my mind
And I’m asking for a second start

Maybe I’ve said words that really didn’t
Mean, but I know, every day
When a man does wrong
I know I miss you

To my Love and Friends……

No matter where I go

I will always find you there

Because you’re in my heart

Of this, I am quite aware

We breathe the same air

We walk under the same moon

The sun shines on us both

We dance to the same tune

Whether we are together

Or we are far apart

When you see the stars shining

Remember you are in my heart

May the time quickly pass?

Until we’re together again

I miss you more than you know

Keep in touch every now and then

Friends and Friendship, all m made-up off.


They who says they believes in me
They who says they would always stand’s by me
For care from them is what I always get,
No doubts in their eyes for me.

They make me feel of being a teen the life I like,
They know all about me, my like and dislike
They help me for problems that I would get by
It feels so lonely if I don’t say them hi…


They pat on my back when I m right.
They kick on my butt when I m wrong.
With all their efforts I feel so strong.
Without you friends I wont live long

Friends and Friends is all m made-up off.
Without friends my life would never have took off.
All you friend I wants you to stay by my side.
Till my death I want you in my life.



Dedicated to all you my dear friends for making my life so beautiful