I sit alone feeling so empty and lonely,
i think of you often,
every minute of the day
wondering how you are
what your doing
wishing i could hold you in ma arms
and make everything b OK

I sit remembering all the times we’ve shared
the late nite talks that we use 2 have
wishing that it could be the way it use 2
i wish i could turn back time to the first time you told me you loved me,
the feeling that i had is indescribable
u mean so much 2 me that it hurts,
i dream of all that will be,
and crying a tear for every minute
we are apart

At times i tell myself i am strong
and the times that im not with you
will go by and it will be the way it use 2
yet at others i sit and cry and wonder
why love has 2 hurt so much

Through somewhere
in the loneliness
somewhere in the emptiness,
i find ma self feeling very loved
and i realize it not the loving that hurts so much
its being without you