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Wish you all a Very Happy New Year


Instead of making a New Year’s resolution

Consider committing to a biblical solution

Your promises are easily broken

Empty words, though earnestly spoken

But God’s Word transforms the soul

By His Holy Spirit making you whole

As you spend time alone with Him

He will change you from within

Orkut Scraps

Wish You all a Merry Christmas……

C —> is for Christ, Son of God, and Lord of Love.

H —> is for Heaven, blessing each and all from above.

R —> is for Remembering the words to your favorite carol.

I —> is for the Icicles hanging inside every barrel.

S —> is for Stockings stuffed up to the knee.

T —> is for the Tinsel that Mom wrapped ’round the tree.

M —> is for Mistletoe hung from the wall.

A —> is for my Advent Calendars that decorate the hall.

S —> is for Santa and his eight reindeer.

E —> is for the Eggnog that fills us with cheer.

V —> is for Visiting all our family and friends.

E —> is for Everyone who is sad when Christmas ends.