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Happy Mothers Day.

I know these images are very common and many of you ppl might have seen this many a times

But when its about a Mother’s Love, Sacrifice for a child or about her Courage to fight for her Child these are the Images i would always love to spread across

And as someone said….

God cannot reach everywhere…So he created Mothers on the Earth!!!

…..Nothing in this world is better than a Mother…

Last but not the Least One Last Image where i can really Imagine Myself

Wishing you & your Mother A Very Happy Mothers Day…

Today the Day is a Very Special day so do try something to make her feel special

If you are running out of Ideas…..

Do comment

lemme suggest one for you….

If you do….. tell me soon as I can’t wait.

I really want to tell you how I feel,

Even though we haven’t been friends that long.

I might not know you all that well,

But these feelings are really strong!

I tried to deny how I felt,

In order to protect a friend.

But now I cant contain myself!

I need you to know that you’re driving me round the bend!

I can’t eat or sleep,

The feeling’s so intense.

Being so close to you,

I want to be with you more and more.

Is it love?

Who knows what love is,

What I have though is great.

Tell me now, do you feel the same?

If you do,

tell me soon as I can’t wait.