This isn’t goodbye
Because I will see you online
If you need to talk to me
Just buzz me and I will be around

I don’t know what to think and write
I’ve got no idea running through my mind
Because you’re not on my side
and it makes me lonely and sad

You inspired me to write

To make a good poems about life
About feeling for someone that I love and desire
and I treasure that in my heart

Now that you are gone
Everything is different now
My mind is blank and
Wondering what you’re doing now

I have pen and paper in my hand
But my mind thinks of you many times
And every time I close my eyes
It’s your voice that I can hear inside

I don’t know where to start
I don’t know if this feeling leads me right
But I will hold what I have in my heart
because you are special person in my life

I know that you’re away from me now
I won’t be able to hear from you around
and I won’t be that close to your side
Every time that I wish

But I am still hoping that one day
I can be by your side
To be the love that you desire
To make you happy and inspired

I know that I am not the woman you like
For you to love, and to share your life
But I am wishing that I have a place in your heart
The same place that I have for you in mine
I know it is too much for me to ask
to beg for your love

My happiness would be to hear it straight from your heart
That you love and adore me and wish me to be by your side