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Wont let you cry…

The moment i saw you cry
My world came crashing down
To see those tears fall from your eyes
Turned my smile into a frown
I wanted to hold you

Make everything alright
But there was nothing i could do
To stop you from crying tonight
I felt like a failure
To myself and to you
But you said that was nothing
That i could do
I held you close
And made your pain my own

I tried to make it feel
Like you were home
You kissed me softly
Said you would be alright
But there was something in your eyes
That had me worried that night
And to this day i promise
Not to let you cry alone
And to take the pain you feel
And make it my own

Lonely without you

I sit alone feeling so empty and lonely,
i think of you often,
every minute of the day
wondering how you are
what your doing
wishing i could hold you in ma arms
and make everything b OK

I sit remembering all the times we’ve shared
the late nite talks that we use 2 have
wishing that it could be the way it use 2
i wish i could turn back time to the first time you told me you loved me,
the feeling that i had is indescribable
u mean so much 2 me that it hurts,
i dream of all that will be,
and crying a tear for every minute
we are apart

At times i tell myself i am strong
and the times that im not with you
will go by and it will be the way it use 2
yet at others i sit and cry and wonder
why love has 2 hurt so much

Through somewhere
in the loneliness
somewhere in the emptiness,
i find ma self feeling very loved
and i realize it not the loving that hurts so much
its being without you

While I’m thinking of you

While I’m thinking of you
My desires are set free
As I slip into a daydream
I see a ship in the sea

It’s sailing towards me
As it travels across the sea
It has a special mission
To bring you to me

When this ship arrives
And you come to my door
I’ll make you feel so good
You’ll never want to go

When you’re away
My desires get the best of me
Wishing you were here
How wonderful that would be