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26/11-want to forget, they won’t let me

26/11 the day to be remembered by every mumbaikars.

Today 26/11 the day has come which out of 100% of the mumbaikars, 90% of the ppl wish to forget about what happened on this day, but the rest 10% ppl will never let us forget and in this 10%, 3% are the ppl who have seriously lost their loved ones and the remaining 7% ppl are those who just want to make a showoff that they are the only one who care for the mumbaikars. NO they don’t care a damn about the ppl who lost their live or who sacrificed their life protecting others,

The thing they only care about is how they can fill in their pocket with lots and lots of money by one or the other means,

The very first is the media organization showing the footage of 26/11/2008 on the television screen increasing their TRP’s

Secondly the politicians giving their same old shit (pardon my language) speeches

And lastly the social reformers taking up with their useless socialist morcha activities.

What’s the use of all this I say …..??

Nothing one day act get your pocket filled and forget it the next day.

Those who have lost their loved ones get nothing and those who run behind these idiots with true spirit get nothing

Nobody really comes in front to help in this situation, All those ppl who say next time we will not let this happen are the one who become invisible, they are the first to run under their beds when such kind of attack occurs.

We ppl start blaming the politician for such activities

What can the politicians do for on this boss it the terrorist attack?

How would they know when these terrorist will attack?

How would they build a strategy?

All our politicians are busy behind saving their own position from the opposition party attack

All time thinking of when the opposition leaders will attack on them

Busy building their strategy for the holding their position for the next 5 years

All the political leader wait for such attacks to happen so that they can start pulling each others legs and startup with their blaming agenda.

They are so busy ppl how could we even think they can be our saviors

We ppl start blaming the police force and their so call intelligence for such activities

They are really our life saviors, after the day when the attack occurs they provide us a full on security, they don’t let a single person pass by a road with out having a proper check of his identity, your driving your car on your way to office getting late and your vehicle’s PUC date has expired or insurance has expired and they catch you Ohhhhh God……  Now you are in trouble according to them you are a terrorist by yourself and you wait their begging them that you are getting late to your office and your boss will screw you apart, you find no humanity as police seeks no humanity on the criminals and YES you are a criminals for them, no God in the world can save you from this situation except one, we call it as MONEY,

No matter you steal some one’s car you have money in your pocket boss you’re the master of all what you have to do take out your license slowly slide in a 100 or 500 rupees hand it over to the guy inspecting you, more the amount more royally he will treat you and you are saved

Coming back to the track this ppl are very busy planning with their so called intelligence to track the non PUC / Insurance holders i.e. the Criminals opps sorry the Terrorists with in the country so with such n efforts they are functioning excellent was so we should stop blaming them.

We ppl start blaming the CID, ATS for such activities

But to a certain fact do they even exist, Ohhhhh again m sorry they do exists CID in the Sony Channel which we can watch daily at night between 10 to 11, gr8 show, I guess all the actual CID ppl should watch this show

ATS – I heard this name only once in the movie Shootout at Lokhandwala and no further.

I really have any word to say about this ppl as they all do their duty very efficiently. But one question what kind of work are they actually doing?  Serving for nation or for themselves

One suggestion: If you want to join politics, police force or any other branch related to national security, Please for we ppl sake do with an aim of serving the nation and not for yourselves, coz you are the chosen ones to save lives not take lives but what you ppl do is just the opposite of that.

I feel shame when I see that we Indians have become none other than greedy hungry animals who fight among themselves just to be on the top without even noticing how many of their own blood are killed in these fights

All I need to say is enough with playing ppl’s emotions, please put a stop to all this, where are you ppl going to take all that money

And to media and all you rich ppl instead of making a promo of all the ppl who died, please try to help them by providing them proper aid, money, food, clothing and shelter and stop making showoff and showing crying faces on the media to increase your TRP’s

I m saying this to media coz today only media has a bit of humanity left in it and the rest of the sources all lousy cows for them the more appropriate proverb in Hindi is “Bhais ke aage been Bajana”

Last few Questions to the Government

What the hell are you doing with the terrorist, when they have killed so many innocent ppl?


pardon me for my language its like all my hidden feelings i have combined in and expressed it to all you ppl i really don’t mean to hurt any one’s feelings

I cannot Live without You

I know if you could hear me you would
Say there are always two sides of a story
You’re so right, here’s mine
I cannot live without you

Love was never easy,
But leaving you was hard,
And time didn’t heal my wounds at all
I wonder, if you know what I’m going through

All the lonely times that we’re apart

I miss you, oh I miss you
I’m gonna need you more and more each day
I miss you, more than words can say
More than words can ever say

Saying sorry was a question of my pride
Pride can push aside a loving heart,
In the end emotion has ruled my mind
And I’m asking for a second start

Maybe I’ve said words that really didn’t
Mean, but I know, every day
When a man does wrong
I know I miss you

To my Love and Friends……

No matter where I go

I will always find you there

Because you’re in my heart

Of this, I am quite aware

We breathe the same air

We walk under the same moon

The sun shines on us both

We dance to the same tune

Whether we are together

Or we are far apart

When you see the stars shining

Remember you are in my heart

May the time quickly pass?

Until we’re together again

I miss you more than you know

Keep in touch every now and then


The little boy had always wished that he could fly like a bird.

It was very difficult for him to understand why he could not fly. There were birds at the zoo that were much bigger than he, and they could fly.

“Why can’t I?” he thought. “Is there something wrong with me?” he wondered.

There was another little boy who was crippled.

He had always wished that he could walk and run like other little boys and girls.

“Why can’t I be like them?” he thought.

One day the little orphan boy who had wanted to fly like a bird ran away from the orphanage. He came upon a park where he saw the little boy who could not walk or run playing in the sandbox.

He ran over to the little boy and asked him if he had ever wanted to fly like a bird.

“No,” said the little boy who could not walk or run.

“But I have wondered what it would be like to walk and run like other boys and girls.”

“That is very sad.” said the little boy who wanted to fly.. “Do you think we could be friends?” he said to the little boy in the sandbox.

“Sure.” said the little boy.

The two little boys played for hours. They made sand castles and made really funny sounds with their mouths. Sounds which made them laugh real hard. Then the little boy’s father came with a wheelchair to pick up his son. The little boy who had always wanted to fly ran over to the boy’s father and whispered something into his ear.

“That would be OK,” said the man.

The little boy who had always wanted to fly like a bird ran over to his new friend and said, “You are my only friend and I wish that there was something that I could do to make you walk and run like other little boys and girls. But I can’t. But there is something that I can do for you.”

The little orphan boy turned around and told his new friend to slide up onto his back.. He then began to run across the grass. Faster and faster he ran, carrying the little crippled boy on his back. Faster and harder he ran across the park. Harder and harder he made his legs travel. Soon the wind just whistled across the two little boys’ faces.

The little boy’s father began to cry as he watched his beautiful little crippled son flapping his arms up and down in the wind, all the while yelling at the top of his voice,

“I’m Flying, Daddy. I’m Flying!”

Friends and Friendship, all m made-up off.


They who says they believes in me
They who says they would always stand’s by me
For care from them is what I always get,
No doubts in their eyes for me.

They make me feel of being a teen the life I like,
They know all about me, my like and dislike
They help me for problems that I would get by
It feels so lonely if I don’t say them hi…


They pat on my back when I m right.
They kick on my butt when I m wrong.
With all their efforts I feel so strong.
Without you friends I wont live long

Friends and Friends is all m made-up off.
Without friends my life would never have took off.
All you friend I wants you to stay by my side.
Till my death I want you in my life.



Dedicated to all you my dear friends for making my life so beautiful

Mr. Narayan Murthy – What we must learn from the West

We need to incorporate certain Western maxims into our value system, argues one of India’s most successful businessmen.

The role of Western values in contemporary Indian society is a subject on which I have pondered for years. I come from a company that is built on strong values. Further, various stakeholders of our company, including employees, investors, customers and vendor-partners come from across the globe. In this context, over the years, there are several aspects of the Western value system that I have come to appreciate. Moreover, an organization is representative of society, and some of the lessons that I have learnt from the West regarding values are, I think, applicable to us as a nation. Here are some of them:

Respect for the public good: Indian culture has deep-rooted family values – parents make enormous sacrifices for their children; children consider it their duty to take care of aged parents; and marriage is held to be a sacred union with husband and wife bonded for life. Unfortunately, our attitude towards the community is very different from our attitude towards the family.

Although we keep our homes spotless, when we go out we do not think twice before littering. On the other hand, parks in the West are generally free of litter and streets are clean.

We are also apathetic about community matters. We see serious problems around us but behave as if they are someone else’s responsibility. For instance, all of us are aware of the problem of drought in India. More than 40 years ago, irrigation expert Dr. K. L. Rao suggested solving this problem by creating a water grid connecting the rivers in North and South India. However, nothing has been done about this.

The story of power shortage in Bangalore is another example. In 1983, it was decided to build a thermal power plant to meet Bangalore’s power requirements. Unfortunately, we have still not started it. Five years ago, because of the constant foreign travel required in the software industry, I suggested a 240-page passport to the government so that frequent visits to the passport office are avoided. I have yet to get a reply from the Ministry of External Affairs regarding this.

Could the reason for all this be that we were ruled by foreigners for over a thousand years and came to believe that solving public problems was the responsibility of a foreign ruler, not ours? Even our decision-makers look to somebody else to take decisions.

In the West, individuals understand that they have to be responsible to their community. They care for their society and they sacrifice for it. Further, they solve societal problems proactively. This is where we need to learn from the West. Successful societies are those that harmoniously combine loyalty to family and loyalty to community.

Acknowledging the accomplishments of others: In my extensive travels, I have not come across another society where people are as contemptuous of better societies as we are, with as little progress as we have achieved. This attitude, incidentally, is nothing new – Al Barouni, the noted Arabic logician and traveler of the 10th century, who spent about 30 years in India, referred to it. According to him, most Indian pundits considered it below their dignity even to debate with him. In fact, on the few occasions when a pundit was willing to listen to Barouni, and found his arguments to be sound, the pundit invariably asked the Arab philosopher which Indian had taught him!

If we want to progress, we must listen to and learn from people who have performed better than us.

Accountability: Another attribute we must learn from the West is accountability. There, you are held responsible for what you do irrespective of your position. However, in India, the more ‘important’ you are, the less answerable you become. For instance, a senior politician once declared that he ‘forgot’ to file his tax returns for 10 consecutive years – and got away with it. Although there are over 100 loss-making public sector units belonging to the central government, I have not seen action taken for bad performance against top managers in these organizations.

Dignity of labor: Whereas this is an integral part of Western value system, in India, we revere only supposedly intellectual work. For instance, I have seen many engineers, fresh from college, who only want to do cutting-edge work and not work that is of relevance to business and the country. For anything to be run successfully, everyone – from the CEO to the person who serves tea – must discharge his or her duties in a responsible manner. We, therefore, need a mindset that reveres everyone who puts in honest work, no matter what it is.

Professionalism: In the West, people do not let personal relations interfere with their professional dealings. They do not hesitate to chastise a colleague for incompetence, even if he is a friend. In India, we tend to view even work interactions from a personal perspective. We are also the most thin-skinned society in the world – we see insults where none is meant.

We extend this lack of professionalism to our sense of punctuality. We do not respect the other person’s time. Indian Standard Time always runs late, and deadlines are typically not met.

Intellectual independence: From the time their children are very young, Western parents teach them to think for themselves. Hence, these children grow up to be strong, confident adults. However, in India, we suffer from feudal thinking. I have seen bright people who prefer to be told what to do by their bosses. We need to overcome this attitude if we are to succeed globally.

Honoring contracts: The Western value system teaches respect for contractual obligations. In India, we consider our marriage vows as sacred. However, we do not extend this to the public domain. For instance, I had recommended several students for national scholarships for higher studies in US universities. Most of them did not return to India even though contractually they were obliged to spend five years here after getting their degree. Moreover, according to a professor at a reputed US university, the highest default rate for student loans is among Indians, even though they land lucrative jobs after graduating. In fact, their behavior has made it difficult for other Indian students to get loans. We have to change this attitude.

We are all aware of our rights as citizens. However, we often fail to acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right. We should keep in mind what former US president Dwight Eisenhower said: “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” So let us work towards a society where “we would do unto others what we would have them do unto us” and make our country great.

This speech was delivered by Mr. Murthy, when he received the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award for Excellence in Public Administration and Management Sciences for the year 2001 from the Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, New Delhi.


Have you ever been in love?

Horrible isn’t It makes you so vulnerable.

It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up

You build up all these defenses

you build up a whole suit of armor,

so that nothing can hurt you,

then one preson no differnt from any other preson wanders into your life

You give them a piece of you.

They didn’t ask for it

They did something one day like kiss you or smile at you and then your life

isn’t your own anymore.

Love takes hostage.

It gets inside you…

It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness.

So simple a phrase like maybe we should be friends’ turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart  It hurts.

Not just in the imagination,

Not just in the mind

It’s a soul hurt a real gets -inside-you and-rips-you- apart pain.