Life is difficult, thank God.

The problems we overcome allows us to experience the richness of life and its accompanying joy. Adversity adds spice to life and makes a wonderful teacher. Don’t the hardships we undergo create the ability to bear them?
I’ll let you answer for yourself.

Life cannot be perfect. I have understand that to give all a child wants does not make the child happy. He will always want more and become more and more demanding to a point of no reason. I have proven that without life’s lessons a child is destroyed and wasted. Emotionally and spiritually. They cannot learn to reason and experience the bliss of knowing how to appreciate. Appreciate life, love, care and other little things

Lets take the life struggles of one of earth’s most beautiful creature, the BUTTERFLY.
Before emerging from its cocoon, the young butterfly has a fat body and folded, limp wings. It is hardly an image of strength and beauty. It cannot free itself from the cocoon without a long difficult struggle. As it pushes, strains, and convulses, liquid from its body is forced into the wings. Bit by bit the wing extend and grow stronger. Bit by bit an increasing amount of pressure is placed against the wall of the chrysalis. At last, a slim butterfly with robust wings breaks free.

A story i heard from some where.
A man saw a cocoon hanging and wiggling from under a branch. So he went near and observed it when he realized a butterfly will soon be emerging from his cocoon. He saw that the butterfly is struggling so hard pushing and squeezing itself from a small crack in his cocoon. and after hours of watching, he felt pity with this little creature as he is going through a lot of pain trying to release himself from the bondage of his cocoon. So in his good heart, he went and took a pair of scissors and cut the cocoon carefully opening wider in order for the butterfly to come off easily… Alas, the butterfly came off. But mercy, why are the butterflies wings crumpled and undeveloped???? The butterfly’s wings were distorted and without form and the poor creature wiggled and wiggled in the ground helplessly. The poor thing never was able to fly. Why? Because the pains he is going through in struggling to come out of his cocoon is the ONLY way the juices from his body will be pushed to its wings in order for it to perfectly attain its desired form, development and strength.

Lesson: struggles will help us attain our perfect stature. It will make us attain our beautiful person. Struggling against it and others trying to keep us out of it will make us undeveloped. So finally we understand that by going through fire we are purified. By going through afflictions and struggles for that matter will make us the best persons we ought to be. So we actually pity those undeveloped minds as they will never be able to fly. They will never be able to understand and know the bliss of appreciating little things in life… and will always crawl and live wanting. We drown when we go against the tide… lets learn the secrets of life.

Do you expect to break free without a struggle? Do you expect to fly before extending and strengthening your wings? Can you see how obstacles we face are not our enemies but our friends?

Our physical eyes weaken as we grow older, but our spiritual eyes should improve with age. What was seen as a devastating disaster in our youth, later appears as a less threatening but worrisome obstacle. As we grow in experience and wisdom, worrisome obstacles become less fearful and are reduced to difficult challenges. Later, difficult challenges are viewed as valuable lessons. And valuable lessons become wonderful opportunities. At last, we reach the point where every misfortune is seen as a blessing in disguise. Each obstacle that comes our way is like a delicious fruit with a bitter skin. We don’t complain that we peel it before we can enjoy it.

It is our attitude that determines whether we benefit from misfortune. The same furnace that melts gold also hardens clay. With each affliction, those who have a hardened attitude grow harder, more callous, and cynical. Yet those who willingly allow themselves to be forged, hammered, and shaped by adversity, endlessly grow into a flower with such beauty to behold.

Lastly what i would like you all to understand is.

In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back, you have to find your own answers, your own way……….